About me

Yoga for me is an effective instrument to keep the body and mind in a healthy state, to know myself on different levels, to challenge ideas about myself and the world, to be connected with intuition. I met Yoga when I was 15, it showed me that I am not only my body, but also something much more. Over the last 8 years I am on the path to discover this other part, participating in retreats and doing individual practice. I teach yoga last 5 years, giving classes on many retreats in Europe and Asia. 

Yoga Retreats

Retreat is a process of withdrawing from our usual life situation for some time and being with ourselves. In retreat we focus on inner world, and it is time to look on our life from distance and different perspective. It gives clarity on problematic situation and unexpected solution.

Individual Guidance

We meet on line in queit place to build your own individual practice, so you can do yoga and meditation every day. Program will be adjust to you current situation. We will go step by step, The sessions is aimed at anyone who wants to do individual practices of yoga or meditation.  It is for those who want inner piece in daily life 

Relaxation is the way to Happines

It was a big joy to practice with Anna, she is sensebable to everybody, I felt good session. As a beginner I got clear instructioan and I am inspired to practice yoga .
Mark Spens
I like the way Anna teach and give her lessons, pointing out that yoga is not only to improve our body but increase awareness about our thought and emotions. After retreat I feel balanced and plan my every day practice at home, for me it is a big result.
Maria Brown