Regular online Live yoga classes

I invite you to my online live yoga classes. Classes are appropriate for those who are familiar with yoga postures and for very beginners. We start with Pranayama (breathing exercises), following by gentle warming up. Then after stretching and strengthening we come to Asanas. We finish class with balancing  Pranayma or meditation. All are welcome.

Day/Time: every Monday, Wednesday – 6:30-7:30 Portugal (7:30-8:30 Central Europe) and Thursday – 7:30-8:30 Portugal (8:30-9:30 Central Europe).

Style: Hatha Yoga, with attention on gentle restorative part, energizing and body awareness.

Place: Zoom

All classes are donation based, suggested donation is 8-10 euro. PayPal for payment:

Please contact me if you want to join the class, I am happy to meet you!

About me

Yoga for me is an effective instrument to keep the body and mind in a healthy state, to know myself on different levels, to challenge ideas about myself and the world, to be connected with intuition. 

I met yoga for the first time when I was 15. At that time when I started to practise, it changed my life. For the first time I realised I am not just a body. And the whole journey starts – to discover who I am. I got my certificate from my great teachers in the Inteyoga School in Mysore, India, in the Shivananda lineage. I teach yoga last 5 years, giving classes on retreats in Europe and Asia. 

Yoga Retreats

Retreat is a process of withdrawing from our usual life situation for some time and being with ourselves. In retreat we focus on inner world, and it is time to look on our life from distance and different perspective. It gives clarity on problematic situation and unexpected solution.

Online sessions

We meet on line to build your own individual practice, so you can do yoga and meditation every day. Program will be adjust to you current situation. We will go step by step, depending on your interest and goals: improve general health, straighten immune system, lose weight, increase awareness about your mental and emotional body.

I really like Yoga lessons with Anna! Lessons are always different and she is very careful and experienced. She always adapts the postures to my physical condition and to what I'm needing at the moment. I feel I've evolved a lot since I began classes with her and I I really want to go on with the classes. She is different from the Yoga teachers I know and, as I see the positive changes in me, I recommend her.
Cristina Silva
Teacher, Portugal
Anna’s teaching has something very unique. It’s not only the focus on the physical wellbeing that makes the practice with her enjoyable. More importantly, she creates a space that makes it possible to connect to yourself. I always left her class in a very peaceful and centered state having done asanas best compatible with my body.
Violla Godman
Student, Germany
I participated in a wonderful trip in India organized by Anna. We have spent some time in Auroville and the area and then a week in Tiruvannamalai. Anna did a great job and the journey was really wonderful, but the most important part of it was a journey inside. Thanks to the places and activities we had, Anna created a good platform for all of us to go inside in the different ways. I personally have a goal while travelling around Asia of reaching a right balance between spirituality, my personal growth and daily routine, stresses, work, etc. So here I've found some clues and pointers where should I go further on, where and how to look for it. Thanks Anna for that and thank you wonderful India. P.S. Morning yoga almost every morning was amazing!
Vlad Bakaliar
Project Manager, Ukraine