I met Yoga when I was 15, it showed me that I am not only my body, but also something much more. Over the last 8 years I am on the path to discover this other part, participating in retreats and doing individual practice. I teach yoga last 5 years, giving classes on retreats in Europe and Asia. My other work experiences are coordinator of Retreat Center, where I played role of organizer of workshops and retreats, manager of daily life of center and assistant in Art Gallery.  

Yoga for me is an effective instrument to keep the body and mind in a healthy state, to know myself on different levels, to challenge ideas about myself and the world, to be connected with intuition. Whatever knowledge I get from my teachers I check from my own experience, and only then I share this with others.

The same focus I encourage in retreats, where the main priority is to learn to listen to your body, trust your own intuition, and based on this to create individual approach for using Yoga in daily life, not only on the yoga mat but in any life situation. Hatha Yoga gives a large variety of instruments for this.