India Retreat EN

Meet spiritual India

25 November - 5 December 2021

I invite you to come with me to India. The India that I know, feel, understand. These are places of power and transformation. This journey is for those who, through a journey to the outside, discover themselves. 

Changing the external reality, we can learn a lot about ourselves, observing how our perceptions and attitudes towards the world are transformed. India is so diverse and “different” that it cannot but stir up your inner foundation, enrich and expand your consciousness. 

Awakened people

We will visit the places of life and activity of those who have changed the history of spiritual evolution, who have created fundamentally new directions, and have uncovered forgotten teachings. We will also have meetings with alive masters.

powerful places

We will do light yoga in the morning, meditate in caves, feel places of power, observe changes inside, visiting thousand-year-old holy places and newly created meditation centers. Temples, shrines, lingams and ashrams.

colors of India

We will swim in the ocean, buy a variety of things at Indian bazaars, admire the local flavor, meet interesting people and places, meet the culture and traditions of India. We will see both tourist areas and unknown corners and sides of local life.


1 day

Arrival to Chennai, transfer to Auroville, check in, registration for visiting Matrimandir, adaptation.

2 day

First meeting with Auroville, the city of the future. The idea of Auroville is to create a settlement with a new consciousness and a new path of development, without nationalities, religions and accessible to people around the world. We will also spend time at the ocean.

3 day

Drive to Mahabalipuram, a tourist center near the ocean. Krishna’s Oil Ball, Temple of 5 Chariots, Mahisashuramardini Cave.

4 day

Pondicherry – Sri Aurobindo Ashram, Indian Shopping. Sea front promenade, indian shopping. Visiting Auroville handycrafts and different activities in Auroville like earth building center, permaculture farm.

5 day

A visit to Matrimandir – the heart of Auroville – a spherical center of meditation, which was conceived as a symbol of the divine response to a person’s desire for perfection. Discovering Auroville.

6 day

Free Day. Beach time, meditations, shearing.

7 day

A visit to Nataraja Temple, Chidambaram. It is one of the main 5 Shiva temples, represents ether.      It has a powerful energy and ancient incredible history.

8 day

Traveling to Tiruvannamalai. It  is a center of spirituality and advaita, where enlightened and spiritual seekers from all over the world come for Satsangs every winter. The city was founded near the sacred mountain Arunachala, where Ramana Maharshi spent his whole life. The mountain is considered the embodiment of Shiva himself. A place where meditation and practice are intensified at times. Evening chanting at ashram.

9 day

Ashram of Ramana Maharshi – acquaintance with history, meditation in the ashram. Singing mantras and pujas. Satsangs with spiritual teachers.

10 day

Arunachala Caves – Skanda ashram and Virupaksha, where Ramana Maharshi meditated. Meditation in the caves. Satsangs with spiritual teachers.

11 day

Walk around the mountain. We will join thousands of pilgrims that come together every full moon. It is a devotional walk at night, visiting temples and lingams along the way.

12 day

Silence Day, following your free inner flow.

13 day

Visiting Aruneshashvara Temple which is one of the five main temples of Shiva in India and third biggest temple in India. Singing Bhajans and kirtans.

14-17 days

Satsangs with spiritual teachers and visiting holy places around Arunachala. Climbing on top of Arunachala. Visiting local concerts and evening activity.

18 day

Travel to Chennai Airport

Spiritual India Tour 2020 - Photo

This voyage is for the one, who through a journey to the outside, discovers themselves.
About the guide: Anna traveled and lived in India since 2012, choosing Mount Arunachala in her heart. The search for the Self has been a priority for her for the past 9 years, it dissolved most of her beliefs and ideas, leaving the space of simple being in the light of a new understanding. Anna has taught yoga in India and Europe for the past 5 years. Now living in Portugal, where she develops a retreat center and holds yoga seminars.

Price for Tour 795 euro

The price includes:

  • Accommodation in guesthouses, double or triple rooms
  • Airport Transfer
  • Tour transport
  • Organization of the visits
  • Guidance and translation
  • Yoga and meditation

Not including:

  • E-visa – apprx. 25 $ for 30 days, we will help you with information in the process of registration
  • Food – from about 5 to 12 euros per day based on your preferences
  • Travel insurance (recommended)
  • Flight Tickets