Online Sessions

Who is it for?

We meet on line in quiet place to build your own individual practice, so you can do yoga and meditation every day. Program will be adjust to you current situation. The sessions is aimed at anyone who wants to do individual practices of yoga or meditation. it is for anyone who wants to discover themselves, to see their potential. We will go step by step, depending on your interest and goals: improve general health, straighten immune system, lose weight, increase awareness about your mental and emotional body.

What can we do?

Online yoga classes

if you can not come to yoga class or prefer to stay at home on your favorite spot, it is right place for you. Or maybe you now nothing about yoga and want to start but don’t know from where? it is right place for you. Together we will find out the best way to practice yoga for you depending what you want to get out of it. You are welcome to try. 

Meditation Giudance

If you want to learn what is meditation, have a taste of it, and see benefit in your daily life, I invite you to try. If you want to deepen your meditation practices, to see different angle, I invite you to try. 

Why Yoga?

Yoga is powerful  tool to make your life better on different levels: body starts to feel alive, energized and light. You can notice you don’t want to eat unhealthy food anymore, your usual negative thought don’t come so often, you are more stable on emotional level. 

Why meditation?

Meditation is simple and effective way to balance your physical, emotional, mental and energy body. It reduces anxiety, stress and tension, builds self-confidence, ability to manage strong situation in life, mind concentration, helps with reduce heart disease, loose weight, keep blood pressure normal. 

There is always open door,
one step is needed.