Yoga Retreats

Retreat is a process of withdrawing from our usual life situation for some time and being with ourselves. In retreat we focus on inner world, and it is time to look on our life from distance and different perspective. It gives clarity on problematic situation and unexpected solution.

Result of retreat depends on your intention: improve you health, challenge you body and mind, enjoy of good company, release emotions est. In retreats we go together in complex process witch touch all these aspects. Retreat’s practices include: daily morning and evening yoga classes, meditation, yoga nidra, pranayama, sharing and other happening according to the energy in the group.

Program of retreat is build with attention to different levels of practice, so it will be suitable for you where you are in your practice – beginners or more advanced. Intensity of body movement will be balanced with deep relaxation sessions. Meditation  and pranayama will harmonize your inner world and will bring clarity to the mind.